Smart Reputation Management

I don't understand, my patients love me!

99% of patients love you but there are bound to be disgruntled patients. Unfortunately, those patients usually make an effort to publicize their thoughts online. Often times this results in an unfairly large percentage of poor reviews.

We target the top patient review websites and make sure you are fairly represented.

You offer excellent service. We make sure new patients know.

The only way to grow your reputation online is to get excellent reviews from satisfied patients.

Giving patients easy links to review you on social channels is only a small piece of the puzzle. Making it really easy for patients to review you publicly, also makes it really easy for disgruntled patients to complain publicly.


The Answer

Custom-Built Satisfaction Surveys

Our custom-built satisfaction surveys identify problem areas in your practice, and immediately alert you when patients are unhappy. You can then react to patients quickly to avoid public criticism.

Smart Communication

Our intelligent autoresponders are based on overall patient satisfaction. Chosen staff members are alerted immediately when there is a disgruntled patient. Satisfied patients receive praise, and are redirected to public review websites.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard provides instant, custom reports so you can monitor patient communication, staff, billing, and other important areas of your business. The reports ensure that you provide the best service possible, and motivate team members to improve. Executive Dashboard is available on your computer, tablet or phone, allowing you the power to make important practice decisions instantly.