New Medical Web Products

lightbulb Smart Websites

Custom Website Creation

Detailed Analysis, Outline Development & Consultation, Beautiful & Intuitive Design, Innovative Solutions

Mobile Websites

Beautiful, Intuitive, Highly functional, and Quick


Google Analytics, Business Analysis, Reporting

Search Engine Optimization

Business Analysis, Competitive Research, Target Phrases, Landing Pages, Patient Communication


patient-portal Patient Portal

Appointment Requests

Patients request appointments online via computer, tablet, or phone in seconds. Schedulers are immediately notified when a request has been made.

Patient Registration Forms

Long, tedious, rushed registration forms in the waiting room are a thing of the past. Patients register online in their free time, schedulers are notified when registrations are submitted, and the patient is already in the system before they arrive for their appointment. If the patient forgets, they can fill out the forms on tablets in the waiting room.

Online Payments

Instantly receive payments online. Quick and convenient.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Attend to disgruntled patients immediately. Improve your practice by identifying problem areas. Share great reviews online. Quick, simple, mobile-friendly.

EMR HL7 Integration

The patient portal works with any EMR provider via HL7 interface.


reputation-management Reputation Management

Internal Satifaction Surveys & Reviews

Improve your practice and identify problem areas immediately. Drastically improve patient satisfaction within weeks.

Public Reviews & Social Media Pages

Attend to disgruntled patients before they review you publicly. Send satisfied patients to targeted social media pages and review websites.


business-intelligence Business Intelligence

Executive Dashboard

Business intelligence at your finger tips. Track patient satisfaction; monitor your business; and improve your public reputation. 

Custom Surveys

You are not restricted to general questions. Improve every part of your unique practice.

Custom Reporting

Beautiful, real-time reports with interactive tables and graphs; and organized by physician, staff, location, and communication.